Billiards Magazine

Billiard Magazine was a monthly magazine devoted to the sport of billiards. The magazine was located at 35 South Dearborn Street in Chicago, IL and remained there for about 24 years. The first issue was published in April 1913 and lasted until September 1934 when the publication changed its name to Bowling and Billiard Magazine.

Billiards Magazine was the most accurate and detailed source of information pertaining to the sport of billiards ever published. I am proud to say that I own most of the issues published and have access to the issues I do not own myself. I am happy to share this wealth of information with you in the coming weeks and months. I hope you enjoy Billiard Magazine as much as I do.

Scanning these issues takes hours of work, so please be patient as we continue to add more issues to the archive.

Charles J. Ursitti

We are currently uploading these very large files. Links will be live shortly! We will list the issues that are missing for each year in hopes that anyone who has a missing issue(s) will scan it and contribute to this public resource. These are GIANT files, so please be patient as we upload them.

1913- Coming Soon (coming soon)
1914- Coming Soon (coming soon)
1915- Download Year (Missing January-June)
1916- Download Year
1917- Download Year
1918- Download Year (Missing June & July)
1919- Download Year (Missing June & December)
1920- Download Year (Missing January, April-December)
1921- Download Year (coming soon)
1922- Download Year (Missing January-June, December)
1923- Download Year
1924- Download Year (Missing December)
1925- Download Year (Missing January-April)
1926- Download Year
1927- Download Year (coming soon)
1928- Download Year
1929- Download Year
1930- Download Year (coming soon)
1931- Download Year (coming soon)
1932- Download Year (coming soon)
1933- Download Year (coming soon)
1934- Download Year (coming soon)
1935- Download Year (coming soon)