Charles Ursitti’s Complete History of Pool & Billiards

Dear fellow pool and billiard lovers;

This website is dedicated to those of us who love the sport and history of billiards. It is the accumulation of over 33 years of research and collecting information and memorabilia.

It all started in 1976 at the PPPA World Open 14.1 Tournament in Asbury Park, NJ, when I was first introduced to professional pocket billiard tournaments.

My first two television productions took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The first one was taped on October 22, 1977 for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, but never aired due to production difficulties. The second was taped on Valentine’s Day February 14, 1978 and was titled “The Great Pool Shootout” or “The Match of the Century”. It featured Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats along with six other players from the PPPA (Professional Pool Players Association) competing in a trick shot competition (Irving Crane, Steve Mizerak, Allen Hopkins, Ray Martin, Peter Margo and Ernie Costa).

The show aired in two parts on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays and received the second highest rating for a sport show in 1978 with a 40.7 share of the viewing audience.

I teamed up with Big Fights Inc. and together we had a ten year run on television. Shows and series were produced for ABC’S Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell, CBS’s Sports Spectacular with John Madden, NBC’s Sports World, ESPN, USA and other cable networks.

In order to supply the commentators (Cosell and Madden) with accurate information I had to research the history of the sport. I found many inaccurate statistics, so I went back to the first recognized Pool tournament in 1878 and worked my way forward. It was fascinating! I started to collect anything I could find in book stores, private collections and later on ebay. Then I started researching Three-Cushion Billiards and did the same thing. I have made an investment to date of over $450,000.00.

Some time, in the near future, I will finally publish a “Statistical History” of both Pocket Billiards and Three-Cushion Billiards, but until then I am sharing everything I have with you.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Charles J. Ursitti